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Finally a piece of rigging equipment specifically designed for the entertainment market!

The award winning ChainRunner has been designed to provide a safe, off the shelf solution to the cable management problems faced every day in the touring event industry.

The ChainRunner range is available to fit STAGEMAKER CONCERT HOISTS and the majority of the other popular chain hoists used in the entertainment industry. 

The ChainRunner is THE lightweight, low maintenance and economic solution to your cable management requirements.

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Grid Stand

Lightweight Aluminium Grid Stand (1000kg SWL)

Fully engineered, lightweight and portable grid mounted frame designed to BS8118 and constructed in aluminium, with a self weight of less than 40kgs.

The frame is supplied as a tested and certified piece of lifting equipment and is designed to sit on your existing grid slats to create either an adjustable single hang point suitable for a 1000kg point load, or two additional shackle points at roughly 600mm centres to allow the creation of a bridled dead hang assembly.

The design of the frame spreads the load over a large footprint on the grid slats and will therefore prevent damage to individual grid members when under load.



R&M Hoisting Equipment Spare Parts

As a Master Distributor for R&M Materials Handling, Niscon Inc. can process all of your Entertainment or Industrial spare parts needs.


Polyester Round Slings

 A wide range of colour coded round slings manufactured to the highest safety standards.


Power / Control Cables

Niscon Inc. offers a wide selection of power and accessory cables.  Contact us with your needs or have us provide a complete turn key configuration with your hoist or system order.

Servicing and Inspections

Niscon Inc. is proud to offer to the North American Market SCIT. A Comprehensive management program used to track all of your rigging equipment testing and inspection history.  The kit contains a handheld scanner, docking station and software.  An optional printer allows the owner to produce their own labels or preprinted labels can be ordered at any time.

The SCIT System has been designed to meet with the UK's LOLER requirements wherein all equipment covered by the LOLER regulations must have its service inspection history tracked.  While this may not be a requirement yet in North America we believe that this is an excellent tool for maintaining your service and maintenance History of ALL your rigging gear.

Be sure, be safe and be prepared for the introduction of service history tracking in North America with SCIT.

Load Cell Systems

The Raynok Load Cell monitoring system makes safe lifting easy by clearly displaying loading of monitored points quickly and concisely.  The operator can set trip points to trigger alarms when points are overloaded or underloaded and use the trip points in the Raynok Software to disable motion.

The system has a complete line of load cells that can be configured individually or to work in groups.  The Load Cell Master Controller connects to the data acquisition system via a standard Ethernet cable.  The Load Cell Amplifiers transmit their data back to the Master Conroller via the same CAT5e Shielded UTP cable and are linked together on a serial buss.

Cells and Controllers are built to IP65 standards for outdoor use.