Niscon Inc.


The Art of Movement

What makes today’s stage movement possible? It’s all in the software and you’ll find it all in RAYNOK Software.

RAYNOK delivers everything you need to turn creative vision into realty. From the simplest hoist control to most complex 3D flying functions, Niscon Inc. is engineering the art of movement like no one else.

RAYNOK Software is at the heart of Niscon Inc. systems. Beyond its sophistication, the real benefit of RAYNOK Software is its ease of use from training to programming to operation. 

Niscon Inc. also offer you an array of products running on the Raynok platform that give you the confidence and the control to create spectacular productions.

Niscon Inc.’s exceptional service and support before, during and after the performance, online or on stage, ensures that your production goes off without a hitch.

Lift Your Performance To New Heights

Your creativity shouldn’t be limited. Your production control should be limitless.

Niscon Inc.’s Raynok Software is designed to simplify the efforts of the creative and technical teams to create fluid scenic imagery. Our motion control equipment helps you execute complicated movements with reliability and safety. 

For entertainment venues large or small, Niscon Inc. is engineering the art of movement to perfection.

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